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Neko is a portable framework for high-order spectral element flow simulations. Written in modern Fortran, Neko adopts an object-oriented approach, allowing multi-tier abstractions of the solver stack and facilitating various hardware backends ranging from general-purpose processors, CUDA and HIP enabled accelerators to SX-Aurora vector processors. Neko has its roots in the spectral element code Nek5000 from UChicago/ANL, from where many of the namings, code structure and numerical methods are adopted.

Latest News

- Neko v0.8.0-rc1

The Neko dev team is pleased to announce that the first release candidate of Neko v0.8.0 is available for testing. Neko v0.8.0 is scheduled to be released before the summer of 2024 and will provide several improvements and new unique features 😺!

- Neko v0.7.0

The Neko the dev team is very glad to announce that Neko v0.7.0 has been released 😺! This is a major update in terms of features, user interaction, and improvements in the code design.

- R-CCS Cafe

There will be a Neko presentation at the 254th R-CCS Cafe (Fri. Oct 13.)

- Website

The neko project has a new website!

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The development of Neko was supported by the European Commission Horizon 2020 project grant EPiGRAM-HS: Exascale Programming Models for Heterogeneous Systems (grant reference 801039), the Swedish Research Council project grant Efficient Algorithms for Exascale Computational Fluid Dynamics (grant reference 2019-04723) and the SeRC Exascale Simulation Software Initiative (SESSI). The Neko logo was designed by Robert Hansen Jagrelius.

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