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Neko is a portable framework for high-order spectral element flow simulations. Written in modern Fortran, Neko adopts an object-oriented approach, allowing multi-tier abstractions of the solver stack and facilitating various hardware backends ranging from general-purpose processors, CUDA and HIP enabled accelerators to SX-Aurora vector processors. Neko has its roots in the spectral element code Nek5000 from UChicago/ANL, from where many of the namings, code structure and numerical methods are adopted.

Latest News

- Neko v0.7.0

The Neko the dev team is very glad to announce that Neko v0.7.0 has been released 😺! This is a major update in terms of features, user interaction, and improvements in the code design.

- R-CCS Cafe

There will be a Neko presentation at the 254th R-CCS Cafe (Fri. Oct 13.)

- Website

The neko project has a new website!

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The development of Neko was supported by the European Commission Horizon 2020 project grant EPiGRAM-HS: Exascale Programming Models for Heterogeneous Systems (grant reference 801039), the Swedish Research Council project grant Efficient Algorithms for Exascale Computational Fluid Dynamics (grant reference 2019-04723) and the SeRC Exascale Simulation Software Initiative (SESSI). The Neko logo was designed by Robert Hansen Jagrelius.

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