Neko  0.8.0-rc2
A portable framework for high-order spectral element flow simulations

The appendices contain a few extra pages that are not directly related to the usage of the code. But can be useful for users and developers alike.

Environmental variable reference

Name Description Default value
NEKO_AUTOTUNE Force Ax auto-tuning strategy ('1D','KSTEP') Unset
NEKO_LOG_LEVEL Log verbosity level (integer > 0, default: 1) Unset
NEKO_GS_STRTGY Gather-scatter device MPI sync. strategy (0 < integer < 5 ) Unset

Logging level details

A number of logging levels are supported.

  • NEKO_LOG_LEVEL=0 : Quiet mode, minimal logging during execution.
  • NEKO_LOG_LEVEL=1 : Default information mode, adding step informations.
  • NEKO_LOG_LEVEL=2 : Verbose mode, logging extra details.
  • NEKO_LOG_LEVEL=10 : Debug mode.